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Concrete Repair

Concrete Repair

Spall repair
Joint repair
Crack repair
Small form repairs
Form and Pump
Tuck pointing

Identifying the causes of deterioration

Unbelievable as it seems concrete repairs are done daily with no knowledge of the cause of the deterioration.
The first step to any repair is identifying the source of the problem. A crack or a spall in concrete could be from incorrectly placed rebar, poor jointing, overloading a poor concrete mix or any of a score of reasons. Finding the cause is important because repair preparation, material choice and procedures could be different.


How clean is clean? No matter what material you are applying there can be no foreign matter such as dust,oil, dirt or grease. The surface to be repaired must be free of all loose or deteriorated concrete. Concrete surfaces must be free of laitance. Laitance is the top skin of concrete that has a high water to cement ratio which makes it weak. Basically anything that could interfere with bonding must be removed.

Material selection

Concrete Repair

Choosing the right material for the job is just as important as the preparation. In order to get consistent, uniform, high quality repairs we usually use pre packaged specialty repair products. These materials cost more than what you get at the local hardware store but they are industrial strength engineered products.


Rule number one is to follow all the material manufacturers specifications. Rule number two is to follow PCS best practices.
PCS has developed best practice procedures for many types of concrete repair. Including
Forming (Cast in place and full member replacement), hand patching, dry packing, caulking and tuck pointing. We developed these best practices to insure quality repairs every time.

At PCS we pride ourselves in finding the right solution to your problem. We have the experience and training to identify the source of deterioration. PCS has available the equipment to properly prepare the surface whether it requires demolition with chipping hammers, pressure washing, sand blasting, grinding, scarifying or shotblasting. We use only the best materials in the business.