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Gunite (Shotcrete)


There are two basic types of Shotcrete: Dry-mix(Gunite) and Wet-mix.

Simply said, shotcrete is sprayed concrete or mortar. In the wet mix process all the ingredients, including water, are premixed. The mix is then pumped to the nozzle where compressed air blows it into the substrate.

Gunite is a trade name for dry gunned concrete. Sand, cement and coarse aggregate, if used, are premixed with only sufficient water to reduce dusting. This mixture is then forced through the delivery line to the nozzle by compressed air. At the nozzle, sufficient water is added to the moving stream to meet the requirements of cement hydration. Because of the application method and low water to cement ratio gunite has a higher strength and durability than conventional concrete.


Gunite is cost effective, it allows us to place the concrete without forms and at a much faster rate than conventional methods. For example we use gunite to fill the mortar joints between granite walls. What would take masons days or weeks to do we can do in hours.
Gunite can be used to place concrete overhead. For example we have used gunite to repair the underside of slabs in parking garages, paper mills and water treatment plants.


This apparent ease of application should not cause one to believe that shotcrete repair is a simple procedure or one that can be haphazardly or improperly applied with impunity.
Successful shotcrete repairs require skilled trained nozzlemen, finishers and equipment operators. The substrate must be properly prepared and the finished shotcrete must be cured.

Common Applications

Concrete repair
Slope stabilization
Building stabilization and foundation repair
Culvert and sewer lining
Tank lining
Retainer walls
Swimming pools